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Load Zend_Config_XML files using a cache

Published on October 5, 2009 By Arnoud ten Hoedt

In a recent project I noticed that my configuration files where taking some ms of processing speed while parsing the xml files into Zend_Config object To solve this problem, using a Cache is obvious, but there are more optimizations you need to consider when using Zend_Config Zend_Config uses lots of in_array calls at each level […]

A Session backend for Zend_Cache

Published on December 27, 2008 By Arnoud ten Hoedt

While building an intranet application I was in need for adding some performance to my user based queries and logic. After considering and discarding to write a stream_wrapper for the session:// space and use if with a File backend, I came across the registry backend by Sameer Parwani, and noticed how fairly easy it was […]