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Live edit freemarker templates in magnolia

March 11, 2014

Small little steps to render freemarker (FTL) templates in magnolia while still being able to edit them and not put them into the templates workspace Inside magnolia central goto /server/rendering/freemarker/templateLoaders Create a contentNode “fileSystem” On the newly created “fileSystem” node, create two properties: A “class” property with value “info.magnolia.freemarker.loaders.LazyFileTemplateLoader” A “basePath” property with value “path/to/your/templates” […]

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Bootstrap sequence for portable web applications

February 11, 2012

Having worked on larger scale sites, we found out that you are bound to look at more scalable solutions to integrating widgets, code snippets or complete applications and mesh them into functional sites, in any given composition. To share some of our best practices, possibly the most important thing we changed is to eliminate all […]

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Wouldn’t that be something?

April 12, 2011

Recently on Facebook I was asked what my vision was, as once again I was referencing to Simon Sinek, who’s writing and public appearances form a great inspiration to me. Sharp and quickly I replied that I belief in change and the need to anticipate to change, rather than staring blindly at yesterdays problems. That […]

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The User Experience in Online Architecture

April 4, 2011

Companies hire the top graphical designers and user interaction specialist to think and design from an user perspective in order to create an optimal user experience. Specialist who live their working lives thinking from the outside in, placing the user central for a single channel customer journey or complex cross channels experiences. While thinking from […]

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Online landscapers

March 27, 2011

While trying to tackle the speeding world of trends in online technology, there seems to be an increasing demand in what is referred to as “Online Architects”. From what I have encountered as much can be said that in most customer views has little to nothing to do with Enterprise Architecture, or architecture in itself. […]

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Creating PDF documentation with Apache ANT and XHTMLRenderer

December 5, 2010

Generally I believe that telling developers to write documentation as part of a project requirements is not always the right approach. If a developer is convinced that nobody will actually ever take the effort to read the documentation anyhow, why even bother to tell them otherwise. I think there is a certain pride element that […]

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JanRain Engage in an AJAX environment

November 22, 2010

We where looking to embed Janrain in a somewhat complex AJAX driven single page interface flow. The default behavior of the JanRain Engage part of the flow is to redirect the top window to the token_url. As you can imagine this messes up your SPI state.

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People Matter. Results Count

November 16, 2010

Yesterday (depending on your timezone) Capgemini revealed it’s new brand identity “People matter, results count”. Following anticipated discussions in which way the comma in this slogan should be interpreted, there is a personal choice to this interpretation as well. We can take the easy way and take the negative approach which seems to be on top […]

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Thinking out loud: semantic CSS

November 11, 2010

There is a concept I have been running around since college. While reading into the semantic web and technology you see al kinds of great concepts. A major drawback for me has always been the amount of effort it would take a development team to actually be semantic web ready. Either create a shadow website […]

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Content as a service.

November 5, 2010

While having discussions with some colleagues, I find it amazing how otherwise very knowledgeable content management specialist find it very complex to see that the next generation for web content delivery should be content as a service. Talking endlessly on terms like pre-publishing, caching, creating complex webservices, reverting back to JSP’s, PHP’s or servlets, it’s […]

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