Wouldn’t that be something?

Recently on Facebook I was asked what my vision was, as once again I was referencing to Simon Sinek, who’s writing and public appearances form a great inspiration to me. Sharp and quickly I replied that I belief in change and the need to anticipate to change, rather than staring blindly at yesterdays problems. That I belief that passion and hard work are essential in your working life. That I belief in the need for a “Why”, a vision, a mission a sense of purpose. Taking some more time to reflect these three notions are just symptoms of what I think I have come to belief.

In basic my belief origins from the trust that anything is possible if we as a team or I myself put our mind to it. And that a team needs leadership and a common belief and inspiration to challenge all that what was told to be impossible. And following the belief that anything is possible, I belief strongly that we should anticipate. Anticipate continuously because the unthinkable seems to be happening in the instant moment we realize the possibilities at hand.

There for I speech that change is my only constant, and that our drive and passion are our only tools, knowing that acting on change is not for the fainthearted. Knowing that while advocating change I often hardly allow myself to evolve and also am stressing other people into changes. Sometimes by leading by example and at other times by frustrating the existing process to force people into realizing that solving today’s problems without looking at tomorrows challenges is utterly senseless. Almost as senseless as anticipating for the unthinkable which is a paradox on its own.

Related to my work, I belief strongly that IT should not about sturdiness, strict requirements and casting stuff in iron. It makes us feel comfortable, in control, safe. Putting in place long thought of and iteratively optimized processes that use IT to enable companies to serve customers. In this age of technology and customer centric thinking we are literally forcing “the business” into technology and processes that seem convenient to serve the customer centric beliefs. As a recent example I was attending a great demo on multi channel customer journeys. It was impressive, innovative, inspiring, well thought off, visionary to say the least. Challenging towards business, IT, partners into a world changing shift in thinking: User Centric design.
In the aftermath will driving home after some heated discussions in IT and architectural impact of the change, I came to consider that not once was it mentioned what the benefit of the program would be for those people at the desks. The people involved in the company, those who are supposed to bé the company. The people I will work with closely for the upcoming months if not longer. Not once was it mentioned that in order to make this successful we need to have a common belief as a company. The company has challenges. There needs to be huge commitment.

And I was wondering, what would happen to a companies success if a change was driven based indeed on user centred design, but a user cantered design that does not limit itself to customers. But a grand design that starts at those who need to bring the customer experience, live the experience. An approach that starts in creating a common belief, a purpose reaching further than servicing customers? That would empower employees to be the best the can be in order to be the company the best that it can be? Wouldn’t that be something?

Thinking of things wonderful, let’s end with a great comment I received on Yammer and I belief would be having a huge impact if more people embraced it: “I work closely with my team to look at their career prospects, their likes & dislikes regarding types of work and try to challenge individuals to improve their skills and gain confidence in their ability to do so. (I base my own success on getting people promotions.)”. Wouldn’t that be something, if that was a part of a wider company culture? Any company?

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