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While trying to tackle the speeding world of trends in online technology, there seems to be an increasing demand in what is referred to as “Online Architects”. From what I have encountered as much can be said that in most customer views has little to nothing to do with Enterprise Architecture, or architecture in itself.

Like so many silver bullets the online architect is expected to be someone extraordinary.  Almost magician like and able to make “your information flow and your business fly” with quick thinking, best practices and of the shelve solutions. Open source, third party services and at no costs preferable. If put like this, it actually sounds as easy a job as any.

In practice if any such a person existed, he or she would be filthy rich by now as the range of technology is too broad and complex to grasp. Basically anyone who is capable of doing so is no less than a genius. Luckily however there is good news as well. As with other architectural topics you don’t need to be the all knowing wonder to have a solid view on online architecture.

Leading, chasing or even slowly following online hypes is becoming increasingly more complex and costly; Online landscapes are not actually ready as recent lowered budgets forced to reconsider upgrades and go with cheaper alternatives or postpone upgrades altogether. Enterprise portals which once where consider innovative technology are now crumbling on the loads that come from increasing amount of channels and third party integrations. Common enterprise WCM packages struggle to find the new balance between pre-publishing code and offering content targeting, personalization and basic mash up with zero to no cache latency. But most importantly current application landscapes are stretched to their limits by the decreased time to market that is demanded by modern E-business and customer demands like cross channel consistency and mobile devices.

Although there is no simple solution there are architectural approaches that will allow you to be more flexible in your online presence while maintaining your current systems. If you didn’t already realize, the age of mesh up and the various ways of integration that web front end will allow you to leverage will enable you to speed your online IT. And this will be not by replacing your current systems, but by adding a web front-end layer (multi channel, multi device) to them. Slowly organisations are taking the view that starts with the decoupled web front ends from their enterprise back ends. Among other benefits this allows for various heartbeats to coexist within the landscape that supports your online presence. The high paced web front end heartbeat with a reconfiguration each two to four weeks. And the back-ends that take months of nurturing to grow into the stable building blocks needed as foundation.

Along with this technical split comes the need to realize that web front-end development and online development is a whole different specialism with it’s own spectrum of tools and skills ,mindsets and its own game rules. Leveraging talented Java or .NET developers and teaching them some jQuery might be a proper start, but will not be enough. If you are looking for web front end architects and developers, you need to recruit for them. And be aware, they are a different breed of people than your ordinary developer. Online landscapers who take the constant change as a given that comes with the game. That bring high energy, because that is the only way to cope. That need challenges and are critical to your requirements, because they know as no other that you are always lagging behind and that your money can only be spend once.

If you have not yet got yourself an online development team, it might be time to reconsider. There is no game like the online game. There is no constant but change. And there is no other tool than once passion for online and the drive that comes with it.

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