People Matter. Results Count

Yesterday (depending on your timezone) Capgemini revealed it’s new brand identity “People matter, results count”.

Following anticipated discussions in which way the comma in this slogan should be interpreted, there is a personal choice to this interpretation as well. We can take the easy way and take the negative approach which seems to be on top of the mind of some of us.

Internal discussion seems to reveal that before the final branding a decision has been made to change the comma to a full stop: “People matter. Results count”, which was lost somewhere along the way to the final campaign. Having a full stop would have made more sense in the way that there is a clear separation between the two statements, excluding all negative and positive conjunctions.

Personally I tend to think that in the end we, Capgeminists, are the ones who need to bring this identity to life. If we decide to enter 2011 with a clear “but” mindset we might be somewhat successful. If we decide to take the “because” or “for” approach, I believe we will be more than successful. We will excel and move far beyond customer expectation. But I might be an idealist…

We are Capgemini and I am Arnoud ten Hoedt, your Capgemini Online Solutions Expert.  I believe that people matter, because results count.

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