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Working around __flash_removeCallback

September 20, 2010

Abusing your own blog for delicious like bookmarking should be forbidden! Either way, Dave Smith provides (see comment section) a nice workaround for __flash_removeCallback “Object required” alerts when embedding flash in internet explorer and reloading the page. <script type=”text/javascript”> (function(){var s=function(){__flash__removeCallback=function(i,n){if(i)i[n]=null;};window.setTimeout(s,10);};s();})(); </script> I decreased the setTimeout interval to somewhat higher then 10ms, because for me […]

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Shirt arrived from itailoronline

September 4, 2010

Following a post on FOK! on experiences with, I considered the low pricing (< €20) and gave this site a go. Configuring a shirt went fairly easy, although I didn’t try out all options. Doing some googling I found which offers more options, but at 4 times the price ITailor offered it shirts […]

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Approach towards Lazy Loading and booting Backbase

September 2, 2010

Introduction I am not under the impression that what we are doing here is rocket science, but might be nice to share anyway. Lets first elaborate a bit on the situation at hand. At my current client Backbase is used in a progressive enhancement kind of way: <!– Backbase Library –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”core/4_3_1/engine/backbase.js”></script> <!– […]

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