Why would you even build a feedback page?

Ever considered how dull it looks: “If you have suggestions or remarks, please leave a message”. Even nowadays interaction designers tend to leave feedback forms in there wireframes, and totally mis the concept of websites like getsatisfaction.com.

In general I believe that web marketing managers and editorial and support staff should be aware that people are not coming to you, unless you reach out. Reaching out is not placing a form on your site, or allowing user generated content like ratings and comments.

Of course, you might want to have those as well, but the elegant feedback flyout to the left or right of your site that then opens op a vibrant platform like getsatisfaction shows you actually care, instead of pretending to. Why? because you can easily ignore a mail coming in from a feedback form and never hear again. But online you are basically forced to make a good impression. Better for the client, better for you, because you have to care, and have to engage, and have to get to know your market.

My 2 cts (although poorly written; might need to grap a coffee)

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