Reflection 2

Currently I have the luxury to be back with my roots and do some full-time software developer, rather than work on three projects at once spending more time on managing, discussing and commuting. As there seems to be a tendency in developers careers to shift out technology at some time and become project manager or a terrible Architect, I promise myself to not join their ranks.

On the flip-side there is a discussion going on at work about leadership and motivate and inspire people to become their greater selves. Me myself was withholding myself for more than a year restraining me from being great, and fighting trench wars against mostly my own false assumptions. So if you would have asked me three months ago, I’d probably wasn’t going to be helpful.

Recently I have been doing better – causing also my higher presence on the web – and considering that a nice get together would be to be an in-the-trench-inspiring-leader-slash-ace-developer. I do have some doubts that if will ever fit a role description. I did become to believe that although I talk to much, think to much, jump to conclusions to much, I also believe I might actually be able to trigger people to be more ambitious and claim their (in my opinion rightful) roles and places.

Just some moments ago I finalized some input for the company newsletter trying to convince people to aim for the sky in order to achieve their dreams. Although the phrasing is poor, the passion is there. And next to being a brilliant web developer, passion is the one thing that will differentiate between being good and being great.

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