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Perceived standardization / differentiation

August 8, 2010

In a discussion on Yammer it seems that merely 30 years ago the vision was to have 30 engineers around the globe writing services that others would use. The concept might be working if you increase the number of engineers 10 to 100 fold. Most important however it seems that even though we discuss a […]

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Reflection 2

August 6, 2010

Currently I have the luxury to be back with my roots and do some full-time software developer, rather than work on three projects at once spending more time on managing, discussing and commuting. As there seems to be a tendency in developers careers to shift out technology at some time and become project manager or […]

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Why would you even build a feedback page?

August 1, 2010

Ever considered how dull it looks: “If you have suggestions or remarks, please leave a message”. Even nowadays interaction designers tend to leave feedback forms in there wireframes, and totally mis the concept of websites like In general I believe that web marketing managers and editorial and support staff should be aware that people […]

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