Writing Yammer Bots

After having written a Yammer Extension for mediawiki (http://code.google.com/p/mediawiki-yammer-tag-extension/) which I got some really good responses to, it was time to look around for new challenges.

So on to the new plugins we write and are about to write; Just last week we decided it would be good to implement some reward and recognition model to our hard working Yammerees. As easily as done as said we now have an Achievements Bot which runs every 4 hours and tracks which people reach the 50/1000/5000 yams milestones and sends out a Yam congratulating the colleagues. Although in the ramp up phase while building the database we got a lot of false positives because the database had to build up, and people with 400 posts being congratulated with achieving the 50 yam mark, it has added a positive fibe to Yammer.

The next challenge will probably be a bot that can generate some usage statistics to create dashboards, but I might wait for other tools that are around. Development of tools seems to be going quite slowly, or I am just overlooking the right sites and communities.

If you have some nice suggestions or want some help in developing this kinds of bots (PHP based) drop me a line.

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