Re: Do you Like me, Will you be my Friend?

Dave Robinson discussed the new meaning words have gained through the social media revolution. Friends are no longer friends, but mere followers; Liking has nothing to do with getting enthusiastic about a topic, more or less you just consider the topic to be relevant to some of your friends, erm followers.

Although his observations are sound, on the topic of lurkers I do not agree that you should be focusing on making lurkers followers and have them join your (or anothers) group. The limitation in his argumentation is that lurkers do not contribute to the discussion, but just like to read your spills and enjoy your writing. However if not frequent the offline discussion is completely overlooked. Not rarely I have discussions with co-workers or friends on stuff I read in twitter or Yammer that I do not re-tweet, yammer-like-retweet or even consider blogging or writing about myself. In that sense I am a frequent lurker when you opt out the afk life.

So myself I just decided to not go on a crusade on convicting my lurkers to become my friends. Also because I am terribly bad at maintaining friendships, but more because I don’t feel people should always be contributing online in order to be contributing. (And I like to think that offline private discussions are worth more than online ones, surely when you take into consideration the TED Rotterdam speech by Bas Haring.)

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