It must be friday – Tenpages investment

Still not sure whether this was a good thing to do or not, but then again I like to enable people and push them a little to get to the next level. Maybe because I decided for myself to get to the next level, which might also explain me being more active and more positive lately then I have been before. In general I tend to read more and invest more. Sometimes by just connecting the right people, or at least trying to.

Today I stumbled upon a manuscripting site where one can invest in writers. Although I got there following some spam complaints about some writer using FOK!’s private messaging system (I programmed) to trigger people to invest in his book. Not a good concept on FOK!, as people are not even willing to put down some money for a site they visit daily.
One major problem I have with, is that it seems to be limited to the Dutch market only, not including english books or considering a bigger picture. Isn’t that just too much 2003 way of thinking? Can you get to the next level without thinking large?
Probably going to take some time in the weekend googling for alternatives. But for now, just hope my “investments” takes it to the next level. It is a children’s/teenager book which is not my typical reading, but for the target group it seems to be a proper book and worth some support.
And also I like the general attempt that tenpages tries to work around the default publishing model, although they need to step up a little. So it’s not only an investment in the book, but 5% also in the tenpages concept.

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