Installing a new dev machine

So I recently received my laptop at the client where I will be having a senior front end developer role. As my first day actually doing some work didn’t come till today I only installed my portable apps browsers (firefox, iron), following with a major series of installments today.

As to the below list is probably missing some serious must-have application, lets first share my list (albeit a short one), and then complement it as the coming days pass and I need more tools: Firefox, Iron, Safari, IETester, Fiddler + Fiddlerhook, AppServ (WAMP stack), Firebug, Web developer toolbar, JDK 6, Eclipse, Crimson Editor, Winmerge, Tortoise, Ant; I probably add FileZilla and 7zip later on, but didn’t have to use them at this stage.

And for the fun of it: Whatpulse

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