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Load Zend_Config_XML files using a cache

October 5, 2009

In a recent project I noticed that my configuration files where taking some ms of processing speed while parsing the xml files into Zend_Config object To solve this problem, using a Cache is obvious, but there are more optimizations you need to consider when using Zend_Config Zend_Config uses lots of in_array calls at each level […]

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Testing my posterous service settings

October 3, 2009

Hi, Thanks to @rickmans I have setup my posterous account. Although I am convinced posterous works as intended, I am not sure if I am capable enough to configure it the right way. Here goes nothing. -r- Posted via email from roonaan’s posterous

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Publishing your websites using Ant

October 3, 2009

Are you into PHP development and curious how you can make your life easier when publishing your website? Do you sometimes worry you might forget to remove debug lines? Or you spend unnecessary time to double check you haven’t accidentally uploaded ‘phpinfo.php’ or some local development powerscripts that shouldn’t be online? A first step in […]

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